Tulita Yamoria Community Secretariat

About TYCS

Our Mission

The Tulita Yamoria Community Secretariat exists to represent the citizens of the community of Tulita on issues of community impact with an ultimate goal of creating a positive future for the community by negotiating a Self Government Agreement with the Government of Canada.

The Secretariat will source and act on opportunities of benefit to the community of Tulita and will take a lead role in projects and issues that will directly impact and benefit the community and its people in its entirety.

With an eye to the future, the Secretariat will seek funding and support for any valid community and economic development project that will build capacity and provide employment opportunities for citizens of Tulita without compromising the opportunities of individuals to provide for themselves.

Our Vision

By negotiating a comprehensive Self-Government Agreement, the Tulita Yamoria Community Secretariat will become the voice of the people of Tulita in all issues of impact and importance to the Community of Tulita.

By sharing resources and a common vision of unity in the community, the Tulita Yamoria Community Secretariat will ensure the best interests of our culture, language, heritage, citizens and community are paramount when preparing for the self-sufficiency and success of future generations.

The TYCS Logo depicts geese flying in the V formation as they travel from the south to the North in the spring.

Ever since the Elders can remember, the geese have come to the North, each spring. When the geese fly, it would bring great joy and happiness to the people, as they knew spring was around the corner. The days become longer and everyone from the community would go out spring hunting! It’s a happy time of year, as nature wakes up from the long, cold winter; a time of celebration for our people. The Elders and community always observe the geese flying in a V formation when they come North.

Tulít’a was just entering talks with the Federal Government on our First Nations Government. The Elders and Leaders understood that geese fly in this formation because it conserves time and energy. Each flies slightly above the others to create a draft. Each bird takes a turn flying in the front and falls behind when they become tired. By flying in a V formation they can fly longer and further before they stop and rest. They have a destination, flying to the freshly populated feeding grounds of the North, ripe with new growth. In this formation, they break the wind, the Elders say; the geese are not as tired when they reach their destination.

It’s the same for TYCS, as a body representing the Sahtú Dene and Métis of Tulít’a. We have a vision and have set goals for Tulít’a to reach a Self-Government Agreement with Canada. In the process of reaching this goal, TYCS needs to work together with a strong leader. Self-Government for Tulít’a will take many years to achieve. Like the geese, each representative from the two Land Corporations and the Tulít’a Dene Band need to work together to achieve Self-Government in the near future. The work has a beginning and an end, which can take many years to reach. Like the geese flying North, when the leader gets tired and needs a rest, they fall back and a new leader takes over. As a group, they all must work together towards a common goal and vision. They assist and support one another in their long journey to realizing Self-Government.

They know where they are going; it will take time but just like the geese, they glide toward the goal of Self-Government for our people. (Angus Lennie, Chief Negotiator - Tulít’a, NT)


Yamoria was perhaps the most powerful medicine power person throughout history. Because of that, his legendary feats are hard to understand sometimes. He was able to fly anywhere with the spirits. He was able to go from place to place very quickly. He could talk to any animal or bird with no problem. He could make himself into an animal if he wanted to.

It is said that Yamoria was sent by the Creator to help the Dene long ago, in a time of great suffering, 'When the World was New.' It is also said that the three red markings on Bear Rock are the hides of giant beavers that the Dene Hero skinned and stretched on the side of the mountain.

Our Board

Stella Bayha-Yallee

Bradley Menacho
Vice Chairperson

Janet Bayha
Secretary Treasurer

Ron Doctor
TLFC Elder Representative

Lyle Etchinelle
TLFC Youth Representative

FNMLC Representative

Lyndsay Norwegian
FNMLC Representative

Fred Clement Sr.
FNMLC Elder Representative

Dawn Widow
TDB Representative

Joe Bernarde
TDB Elder Representative

Troy Tatti
TDB Youth Representative

Our Staff

Judith Wright-Bird
Executive Director

Angus Lennie
Chief Negotiator

Lori Yallee
Executive Assistant